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Tricks of the Trade: Wholesaling Investment Property to Make a Quick Profit

Copyright © 2008 Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark) A few years ago my Real Estate investing operation out grew my ability to effectively manage renovating and marketing all of the properties. I was generating far more deals than I could handle without … [Read more...]

Can Investors and Home Owners Get Lenders to Cover the Costs for Renovation and Closing Expenses?

Copyright © 2008 by Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. The answer is YES! In fact, as a realtor and investor with over 20 years of experience, I personally suggest that all investors get mortgages that include the cost for rehabilitation. Look for mortgage … [Read more...]

Real Estate Bundle of Rights and Ownership Interest

Copyright © 2008 Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark) Understanding real estate agreements requires a basic knowledge of what rights or interest to property that are affected by a specific agreement or contract. The following is a basic listing of rights … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investors Are Looking For These Kinds of Properties

Copyright © 2008 Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark) Single-family homeownership in America is approaching 70%. These homes sell quicker than other type of property and they are the highest in demand. There are several categories of real estate … [Read more...]

How do Real Estate Investors and Home Buyers Find Motivated Sellers?

Copyright © 2008 by: Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark) The sellers you want to look for are those who want to sell their property more than anything else. I refer to this type of person as a motivated seller (A DON’T WANTER). Motivated sellers will be … [Read more...]

How Investors and Home Owners Benefit By Using Lease Options, Known as Rent to Own Contracts

Copyright © 2008 Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark) The “Step By Step Guide to Exit Real Estate at Top Dollar Prices” By Ralph Mark Maupin, Mr. Lease Option A few years ago I was an overly ambitious investor, I thought the more properties I had the bet … [Read more...]

Hiring Contractors to Rehab Investment Property or Home Owner Property

By: Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin, Jr. If you buy investment properties, what do you need to know about hiring contractors? 1. Where do you find contractor? Ask for referrals from other investors. You can also go to Home Depot early in the morning … [Read more...]

How Can Your Past Affect Your Investing?

By: Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin I am writing this more as reminder to my self, but I know many who read this will be able to apply my thoughts and experiences to their own lives. Everyone has life experiences that they carry with them all their … [Read more...]

Is Big Better?

by: Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin, Jr. At one time in my life I was buying 7-8 Houses a month, fixing them up and then reselling them. Then I got the bright Idea that if I can buy and sell 7-8 a month, I can buy and sell 80. This was a choice that … [Read more...]

Lead Base Paint Disclosure

By Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin, Jr. What can happen when you don’t get a signed lead base paint disclosure? We purchased a 2-unit apartment building about a year and half ago from a seller who was being sued by his tenant for lead base paint p … [Read more...]