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Kaleidico Founder Bill Rice Reveals How Lead Management Can Help Online Businesses

Flat Rock, MI - Companies spend hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of dollars to buy sales leads—prospective clients that may have an interest to buy a product or service. As a first stage of a sales process, sales leads are identified in o … [Read more...]

Internet Marketer Bill Rice Discusses Basic SEO Fundamentals for Beginners

Flat Rock, MI - SEO (Search engine optimization) has been considered to be among the most powerful tools to enhance one’s visibility in the Internet. Many brands take this strategy to creatively enhance their keywords to make sure they will appear f … [Read more...]

Time To Register For Armand Morin LIVE 2012!

Re: Meet Armand Morin...   Are you still struggling to make any money online? Are your conversions way down? Are you totally clueless about how to get REAL TRAFFIC to your site? (And I mean more traffic than you know what to do … [Read more...]

Bill Rice Discloses the Importance of Social Selling in Better Closer Blog

Flat Rock, MI - Social Media Entrepreneur and Kaleidico Founder Bill Rice shares the significance of Social Selling. With relevance to the rise of digital communication, Social Selling provides a good ground for people to directly engage with … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing Club in Michigan Host “Social Media for Authors: Mobile Media Mysteries Uncovered”

“Social Media for Authors: Mobile Media Mysteries Uncovered” The Internet Marketing Roundtable meets the 2nd Thursday of every month from to share the latest information and techniques for marketing products and services online.    4 – 6 pm: … [Read more...]

Lenders Opportunity Forum hosted By Michigan Real Estate Investors Association

Entrepreneur Opportunity Roundtable: “Lenders Opportunity Forum” Featuring:  Various Lenders The premise of this forum is to inform participants about a variety of lending options and support services that are available to them and the steps it … [Read more...]

Michigan Real Estate Investors Association Holds Meeting 3rd Thursday every month at Detroit College

Real Estate Investors Round Table   The Real Estate Investors Network meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from 6 – 9 pm to cover up to date topics in the real estate industry including a variety buying and selling strategies that work in the c … [Read more...]

Internet Marketer Bill Rice Set to Launch Internet Marketing Newsletter

Flat Rock, MI – Bill Rice of Kaleidico digital marketing is set to launch an internet marketing newsletter.  He wants to help people learn more about ways to marketing themselves, and he knows that this newsletter will help several people get st … [Read more...] to Add 1,100,000 Aged Mortgage Refinance Leads in February

Baltimore, MD  – is increasing its value for its customers by adding 1.1 million aged mortgage refinance leads in February.  This is important as many people depend upon their ability to refinance to make progress with their fin … [Read more...]

Rome Guided Tours Website Shares 7 Free Things to Do in Italy

Rome, Italy – A website dedicated to giving Rome guided tours provided a list of free things to do in Italy.  Roman Limo Tours realizes that traveling can be expensive and offered tips to customers about different ways to cut into that cost. Known … [Read more...]