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What Bayport Consumers Need to Know Before Calling for Appliance Repair

A simple troubleshooting check list may reveal the solution and save a service call Bayport, NY – Appliance breakdown cannot always be avoided; however, consumers should take a careful look at things before calling the appliance repair m … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping Tips from the Holtsville Appliance Repair Man

How cleaning and organizing the refrigerator and pantry before grocery shopping can save money and eliminate food waste Holtsville, NY – Bob Dougherty is the friendly neighborhood Holtsville appliance repair man who enjoys building c … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair Hampton Bays Answers the Big Question

Fix it or Nix it? Is the appliance worth repairing or should it be retired? Factors to consider when making this all important decision Hampton Bays, NY – Fleet Appliance Repair owner, Bob Dougherty, often goes on service calls where c … [Read more...]

Dix Hills Appliance Repair Man Provides Tips to Keep Stove Tops Looking New

Consumers want to know how to keep their stove top looking new and prevent stains and discoloration of the drip pans on their electric range Dix Hills, NY – Fleet Appliance Repair is the Dix Hills Appliance Service most area residents c … [Read more...]

Area Residents Enjoy Service bytheir Friendly Huntington Appliance Repair Man

Bob Dougherty is nationally recognized as a certified service manager and often referred by happy customers who appreciate honest and dependable appliance repair service Huntington, NY – Appliance repair technicians who work for Fleet A … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair Northport Expert Explains the Value of Service

Consumers discover the value of professional appliance repair service and realize the cost isn’t so bad considering what is really involved in being a home service provider Northport, NY – The thought of calling for appliance repair can c … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair Suffolk County Explains Common Dishwasher Problems

Things to check before calling the appliance repair technician…many problems have an easy fix that the owner can quickly handle themselves Suffolk County, NY – When appliances act up, calling the appliance repair man is often the first th … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair Long Island Tech Reveals Secret to Better Dishwasher Performance

The most obvious place to store dishwashing detergent is under the kitchen sink…Learn why the appliance repair expert says this is the worst place to store it (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 30, 2012 ) Long Island, NY – Appliance repair Long Island s … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair New York Site Provides Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

Steps to take before calling the appliance repair man for service Long Island, NY – Appliance Repair New York is the easy-to-remember URL for the website with appliance repair and troubleshooting tips. Many area residents have bookmarked … [Read more...]

Fleet Appliance Repair Suffolk County Technician Goes the Extra Mile to Please a Customer

Area resident learns what being a Certified Service Manager means to the customer (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 30, 2012 ) Suffolk County, NY – One area resident learned what being a Certified Service Manager means to the customer. Appliance r … [Read more...]