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Southgate Handyman Service reveals important info about small home emergencies

Southgate, MI – The handyman service in Southgate MI Wooden Pearl Handyman ( is familiar with lots of small home emergencies, but they encourage everyone to take notice of the ones mentioned below. These sm … [Read more...]

Grover Handyman Service, Romulus handyman service answers common minor repair questions

Romulus, MI – Handyman service in Romulus MI Grover Handyman Service ( understands how big of a headache all the small repair questions might cause to the homeowners. Getting answers to these common qu … [Read more...]

Belleville Handyman Service Reveals Preventive Steps in Facing a Winter Plumbing Repair

Belleville, MI – “It is always vital to look after a home’s plumbing system,” says Belleville handyman service company High Edison Handyman ( During winter, a homeowner can be preoccupied with the many festivi … [Read more...]

Northville Handyman Service Lists Top 5 Home Improvements to Beautify a Property

Northville, MI – Northville handyman service providerHigh Wing Handyman ( lists down five (5) of the best home improvements which can increase a property’s cosmetic appeal. With the present economy, most hom … [Read more...]

Plymouth Handyman Service Discusses Which Home Repairs Call for DIY vs. Professional Help

Plymouth, MI – “There are some repair tasks that can be handled by one’s own, and then there are those that demand the skill of a Plymouth handyman service,” shares Blunk Farmer Handyman ( when asked which situat … [Read more...]

Garden City Handyman Service Discloses How Homeowners Can Prepare to Face Winter

Garden City, MI – A handyman helps homes prepare for every season, states Garden City handyman service provider Hartel Handyman Service ( In a preparation called winterization, homeowners can anticipate the c … [Read more...]

Westland Handyman Service Discusses the Consequences of Putting off Home Repairs

Westland, MI – Westland handyman service provider Wilmer Handy Service ( shares the consequences of putting off home maintenance and repairs. Most homeowners ignore little repair trifles, such as a leaking pipe o … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Provider in Flat Rock Discussed Christmas Eve ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline

Flat Rock, MI – Frost & Remer, a health insurance provider in Flat Rock, reveals the consequences of applying for the new plans via HealthCare.Gov enrollment. The Christmas Eve deadline to register for health care through this website has passed, … [Read more...]