Metro Detroit Rental Experts Helps Local Non-Profit Group Members Learn How to Become Wealthy

Detroit - The young people of Detroit are entering their young adult lives in one of the most impoverished cities in the entire United States, and many of these young adults would like to find ways to build wealth.  Worldwide, real estate investors … [Read more...]

Professional Painter Blends Art and Fun with Fundraising for Detroit Causes

Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) and Painting with a Twist are combining efforts to raise money to help the youth in the City of Detroit. Detroit, MI – Many people would love to learn how to draw but do not know how to go about it, and the C … [Read more...]

BDYM Co-Director Harlan Bivens Helping Women Understand Men Better at Detroit Conference

Detroit, MI – Women often complain that they do not understand how men think.  This is an age-old frustration between the sexes, and Harlan “Jay” Bivens of the non-profit community activist group Better Detroit Youth Movement (BDYM) will be giving a t … [Read more...]