DIY Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance Tips from 1st Call Appliance Repair Braintree

Some appliance repair tasks are safe and easy for the owner to do and others should only be performed by a qualified service technician

Braintree, MA – Dishwasher repair should be handled by a qualified service technician but some savvy DIY owners are learning to fix their own appliances. 1st Call Appliance Repair has served area residents for over ¼ Century. Their friendly staff and service technicians are happy to provide tips and instructions for performing some dishwasher repair and maintenance tasks.

Replacement dishwasher parts like door gaskets and removable racks can be ordered from 1st Call Appliance Repair ( Their website also contains dishwasher repair and maintenance tips.

Electrical components should only be repaired or replaced by a qualified dishwasher repair man. Everyone has heard the saying, ‘water and electricity do not mix.’ Since dishwashers and washing machines use both water and electricity to operate, one wrong move could lead to disaster when an unqualified person attempts to repair these appliances.

According to the local appliance repair man, the most common mistake homeowners make is misplacing the service manual that comes with the appliance. The manual contains vital information like serial and model numbers, part numbers and critical care instructions. Owners should read the manual before operating a new appliance and keep it in a convenient place for future reference.

Overtime a dishwasher can become rusty and parts can begin to corrode. Wheels on the racks can break and working parts can get a build-up of debris on them. The dishwasher repair man tells his customers about products designed for cleaning and maintaining the inside of a dishwasher to keep it clean and shiny.

Customers who call 1st Call Appliance Repair enjoy quality, old-fashioned service from a friendly technician who is happy to provide tips and answer questions while he works. Service technicians with 1st Call Appliance Repair enjoy building positive relationships with their customers who appreciate the service and post positive reviews:

“First appliance really deserves no less than a 5 star!! I have called them to come fix a faulty dishwasher and microwave (thanks to the good yelp reviews!). Valerie was very helpful on the phone when scheduling the appointment. But Tom was really the best! He was honest and knowledgeable. He gave me a lot of information and I definitely feel I can trust his advice and work. We ended up having him fix the microwave but the dishwasher was not salvageable. I would definitely use their service again in the future!” Rebecca

1st Call Appliance Repair will not do an expensive service without informing the customer of their options. If it is in their better interest to replace the appliance, honest technicians will let them know before repairing an appliance that is likely to break down again soon.

1st Call Appliance services customers from all backgrounds in the city and rural areas. Homeowners, landlords high-rise apartment complex managers and some commercial business owners know their appliances are in good hands with the service technicians at 1st Call Appliance. Visit

About 1st Call Appliance:
1st Call Appliance was formed from several smaller companies dating back to 1965. Bill Collins started the family owned business over 25 years ago to provide same day appliance repair in Southeastern Massachusetts from Boston to Plymouth. The local owned and operated company is small enough to give each client personal attention and large enough to address all major appliance needs including appliance repair, maintenance and installation services.