DUCTZ of Buffalo Duct Cleaning Service Tech Addresses the Necessity of Home Duct Cleaning

Most homes with modern HVAC systems will rarely need professional duct cleaning; but there are other factors to consider

Buffalo, NY – A local specialist addresses the necessity of home duct cleaning service. Duct cleaning technicians with DUCTZ are working to encourage consumer awareness about when the service is needed. Homes that produce large amounts of dust may need duct cleaning every few years; however, most homes with modern furnaces and air conditioners will rarely need professional duct cleaning.

Concerned residents or those who suffer from allergy symptoms should check for large deposits of dust under registers. If there is substantial dust and visible mold growth inside the ducts even though appliances are well maintained and filters changed regularly, professional home duct cleaning might be necessary.

The type of ductwork in a home is another factor to consider. Though all types of ductwork can support microbial growth to some degree, there are some distinctions. Some insulated duct systems can trap moisture in areas that should stay reasonably dry. Bare metal ducts with no liner or porous material rarely cause this problem and they’re easier to treat with EPA registered products. DUCTZ home duct cleaning specialists can perform an inspection and explain their recommendations.

Wet or moldy duct work with fiberglass duct liner should be replaced with bare metal ductwork. Currently, there are no EPA-registered products to treat this type of ductwork.

Robert Garman owns DUCTZ of Buffalo (http://www.airductcleaningbuffalo.com/), specializing in air duct and HVAC system maintenance. As a qualified home duct cleaning technician, Robert will perform a thorough inspection and evaluation of ductwork in homes and businesses.

DUCTZ professionals are leading advocates for indoor air quality and strictly adhere to industry standards during HVAC system reconditioning and restoration projects. Their certified, qualified and trained professionals use proprietary techniques to provide superior service and maintenance of HVAC systems, improving the efficiency of the HVAC system and indoor air quality. Visit http://www.ductcleaningbuffalony.com/ to learn more.

DUCTZ is the nation’s largest air duct cleaning and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) restoration company. DUCTZ service helps homeowners and businesses save money by optimizing HVAC system efficiency through cleaning and restoration. DUCTZ also provides microbial maintenance controls and chemical-free processes for reducing biological contaminants. DUCTZ is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association (NADCA), Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA), leading industry standards. DUCTZ was featured on cable television’s show Designing Spaces, and in Entrepreneur magazine’s January 2009 issue, was ranked #1 in its category and in the upper half of the Top 500 Franchises in the United States. In 2009, DUCTZ was acquired by newly created BELFOR Franchise Group, a privately held, multi-concept franchise system with access to BELFOR International, the world’s largest property restoration company.