Frost & Remer Highlights Michigan Auto Insurance and Its Role in the State’s No Fault Law

Auto Insurance Michigan by Frost and Remer Insurance

Auto Insurance Michigan by Frost and Remer Insurance

Flat Rock, MI – Locally based insurance company Frost & Remer puts the spotlight on the importance of Michigan auto insurance and the role it plays in the state’s No Fault mandate. The No Fault system is upheld in various states, all across the country, to provide benefits to the vehicle owners in case of an accident. Ensuring that that damages will be paid—no matter whose fault it is.

This system compensates the insurance owner quickly and completely upon their time of need, but it is also somewhat controversial and often sparks discussions.

Strict with its vehicular mandates, Michigan requires coverage plans for any car owner who is to use their vehicles on the state’s road. While most of the states throughout the country have their own tort laws, Michigan is among the very few which does not. The State of Michigan’s No Fault law is made to reduce, not just the accidents, but the many deceptive lawsuits that results from it. The state itself is comprehensive about car insurance, which vehemently states the need for an auto insurance Michigan.

Frost & Remer (, an insurance company offering various kinds of coverage for different needs, emphasizes the importance of understanding this state law, and how it can affect one’s lifestyle, especially on Michigan’s road. Primarily, the Michigan auto insurance law for No Fault mandates insurance providers to benefit plan holders various medical expenses, such as Unlimited coverage for medical and rehabilitative costs, wage loss protection, and replacement services of $20 daily, which can go on for as long as three years.

The state also requires insurance coverage, with specified liability limits of 20/40/10, and personal injury protection coverage. The 20/40/10 amount means $20,000 for bodily injury liability, covering each person; $40,000 for the accident and $10,000 for property damage liability. Insurance plans can also include the Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which pays all the user’s medical expenses if they are injured from the accident.

Michigan is home to various auto insurance providers, which offers other types of coverage for specific needs. Frost & Remer offers affordable solution for interested insurance buyers; see their auto insurance at

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