Mr. Appliance Repair Terrace Park Provides DIY Appliance Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

Some appliance service requires the experience of a qualified technician, but there are some things savvy homeowners can do themselves

Terrace Park OH – Mr. Appliance Repair has been in business since 1996 providing reliable appliance service to area residents and business owners. Ed Rauch purchased his appliance repair franchise to serve his community with professional front line service.

Savvy homeowners who are mechanically inclined prefer to take the DIY appliance repair route to save time and money. Though repairing an appliance can be dangerous for the inexperienced person, many owners are capable. Mr. Appliance Repair updates his site often to provide repair and troubleshooting advice.

When asked why he would divulge his secrets, Mr. Appliance Repair ( explains that helping residents save money on the simple things keeps him available when his expertise is needed. They will remember him when they need his assistance for the more complicated repairs and he is available to offer same day service which many consumers demand today.

Before attempting DIY appliance repair it is important to see if it is still covered by warranty. It would be unwise to try fixing an appliance when the cost for professional service and replacement parts is covered. In some cases, the warranty becomes null and void if an unqualified person dissembles the appliance themselves.

Those with limited experience should seek the help of a qualified service technician. At least allow them to diagnose the problem and advise where to get the best deal on new appliance parts.

Safety is critical so unplug the unit before removing the service panel and exposing the electrical components.

Use proper tools and get help when moving heavy appliances to avoid injury and further damage to the unit.

Ed Rauch wants to make sure DIY appliance repair is done safely and effectively. He is also there when the DIYer needs his help. Consumers can visit his site to find a wealth of useful information about home appliance care.

Mr. Appliance of Greater Cincinnati serves area residents and commercial business owners with prompt, reliable and honest appliance repair. The locally owned and operated appliance repair service is part of the largest and fastest growing appliance repair company in the world. Visit to learn more.

About Mr. Appliance:
Mr. Appliance is North America’s leading appliance repair franchise system, established in 1996, its franchises provide full-service residential and light commercial appliance repair. With more than 150 locations throughout the US and Canada, Mr. Appliance is consistently ranked among the top home service franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine and other industry experts. Mr. Appliance proudly joins other companies in the Dwyer Group Franchise to lend a hand to the 173 Ronald McDonald Houses in the US and Canada.