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April 2018

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National Real Estate Network
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(National Real Estate Network LLC): Real Estate - Other in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

Ralph (Mark) Maupin is the founder of the National Real Estate Network. NREN is designed to provide investment club members and individuals with a full warehouse of educational materials.

Enjoy the benefit of monthly speakers addressing a variety of topics related to real estate and internet marketing as it pertains to your real estate business. And now, for the first time… you can view them “from your home”.

"I met Ralph through a mutual acquaintance, and he has been nothing but extremely helpful and professional in teaching me about the fundamentals of internet marketing. He went out of his way to accommodate my quirky schedule and his advice has been particularly useful with respect to my own business. His work clearly pays dividends, ask him to show you who he has worked for and where they rank on major search engines. "Jeffrey Atto, Owner of Concise Computer Consulting, LLC May 11, 2009

You can view monthly uploads of speakers that have addressed our club and have access to additional DVDs’ that address popular topics.

It is our desire to provide you such powerful, useful, and practical information, that you can use in your business to drive your profits through the roof.

If you went to buy all this information you could spend thousands of dollars.

You can ask your most pressing, personal questions on our club bulletin board. The really cool thing about this is that you will get unbiased answers by experts around the country. Have you ever asked another real estate investor in your city, for advice? Are you sure they were giving you helpful information? I mean, why would they?

I have heard them all… Ron LeGrand, Carlton Sheets, Robert Allen, Larry Goins, Jeff Kaller, Robyn Thompson, Scott Meyers, Al Lowry, the list is endless……. I have tested their ideas in the "real world." I have learned what things work and those things that were a complete waste of time.

"Ralph Mark Maupin is an expert on networking people in both the Real Estate Industry, as well as internet marketing. Mark is widely known in the Metro Detroit area as the one sets up numerous networking events to match buyers and sellers. He also holds very comprehensive networking events to help others grow their own business. Stay in touch with Mark, because is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help you become successful!" Damon S. Douglas, Owner of The Broadvisiongroup, LLC April 6, 2009

You would have to pay a fortune and waste years of your life to get just 10% of what you will learn on our Real Estate Investing Club Site

"Mark Maupin, Simply put, Mark was outstanding. He exemplified walking the talk and made and delivered on his promises of teaching, coaching and assisting us in promoting Real Wealth Expo and learning the art of article submission and press release mastery. Thanks! Scott Whaley President-Real Wealth Seminars & Real Wealth Investor PS. April 29, 2009

Click Here and Try us out for one month for only $5.00!

No Strings attached. Try our training and real estate investing club for $5 and receive our first Downloads…

The First Month You Will Receive:


Find Fix and Sell DVD Download


Learn How To Make 100% On Your Real Estate Every 180 Days. Mark Maupin, also known as "Mr. Commercial Lease Option" has purchased and sold over 3,500 single-family homes, as well as many multi-family properties. Drawing on his experience Mark conducts in-depth real estate investing seminars and has created his own real estate mentoring program. Find, Fix and Sell is priced at $197

"Ralph is one of the most knowledgeable people I know about real estate, and especially making money in real estate...especially via the internet. He is professional, personal, and highly qualified to assist his clients. If you are looking to expand your business, or generate new business opportunities, you should definitely contact him." Kirk Falvay, Attorney, Falvay, Marcus & Weston, PC August 27, 2008


Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing Guide

Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing Guide

CD Now Available Online, GETTING STARTED Purchasing Commercial Real Estate; "Commercial Real Estate Investing"

Mr. Commercial Real Estate, Pat Winter, Offers an Online Seminar. As National Real Estate Network’s number one ranked commercial real estate speaker, Pat Winter, aka Mr. Commercial Real Estate, presents The Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing CD. This Audio highlights Mr. Winter’s seminar, which has been well received by both new investors and those who have been in the game for many years. This item sells for $47.00

And Still More—third, you will receive:



In Pat Winter's new two-part audio online, "Mr. Commercial Real Estate" reveals more detailed information on subjects he introduced in THE SECRETS OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE.

In Part One, DUE DILIGENCE, Pat provides detailed information about the important things that must be reviewed, inspected and addressed prior to making an investment in any commercial property. This item sells for $47.00.

Fourth, you will receive:

Vital Forms for use with Due Diligence

"Ralph (Mark as most people know him) is one of the most experienced real estate experts I have ever met. I first met him through the National Real Estate Network which he founded in SE Michigan. He teaches classes about real estate investing, foreclosures, short sales, lease options, creative financing and more. More recently he is focusing on internet marketing and web optimization. If you are looking for someone to network with or learn from in any of these categories, I recommend that you put Ralph (Mark) at the top of your list." David Smith, Sr Mortgage Planner, success Mortgage Partners April 29, 2009

What a great value! All of this for only $5.00! You’ve seen the benefits of membership to the NREN online club…Join now for only $27.00 per month and you can look forward to the following:

The Second Month, for only $27.00, you will receive:


Creating an Exit Strategy: The Lease with Option to Buy

Creating an Exit Strategy

It doesn't matter whether an investment is "buy and hold" or find and sell. You must arrange for exit strategies from your rental properties to control your cash flow and liquidity. In this online video you'll learn how Mark Maupin ("Mr. Lease Option") has bought and sold more than 3,500 homes over the past decade.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Find the right tenants
  • Determine credit worthiness
  • Help tenants gain credit worthiness
  • Get above market rents
  • You will also learn how to prepare a:

  • Landlord Favorable Rental Agreement
  • Seller Favorable Option to Purchase
  • Promissory Note
  • Buy/Sell Agreement
  • And you will also learn about important tax considerations when employing a lease with option to buy as an exit strategy

    Included Documents

    There are two copies of each form included with this program; one has been completed with examples for illustrative purposes, the other is blank for you to copy and use.

    Exhibit A: Landlord Favorable Rental Agreement

    Exhibit B: Seller Favorable Option to Purchase

    Exhibit C: Promissory Note

    Exhibit D: Seller Favorable Buy/Sell Agreement

    All of this is included in your membership – regular price is $97.00

    "Ralph (Mark) Maupin is a complete Real Estate Expert. Broad based experience in all Real Estate Investment strategies. An excellent speaker and energetic coach, Mark unselfishly shares his experience and knowledge with others." Bill Nebe, Real Estate Consultant, April 29, 2009


    Foreclosure Bootcamp 5 DVD’s to upload for your viewing:


    If you missed, Mark’s Foreclosure Bootcamp last February, you missed a great learning experience on how to tap the foreclosure market for real estate investment. If you’re involved in a foreclosure situation, you also missed an opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of the foreclosure experience...and perhaps a way to remedy your own situation.

    Foreclosure Bootcamp, included in your membership, sells for $197

    "Ralph Maupin is a very experienced and knowledgable professional in the field of real estate. He is an excellent teacher to those who are interested learning the many ins and outs of the real estate market. He would be my first choice, if I were the one to be selecting the individual for that Directorship positiion." Ken Nickell, Real Estate Broker, Michigan April 29, 2009

    And Still More—third, you will receive:

    Pat Winter’s, “Locating and Evaluating Commercial Real Estate” online video

    And Fourth-Such Vital Forms as:

  • Rental Form for Single Family Homes
  • Forms you will need with Lease Option
  • "Without Mark and Right Now Marketing Group,LLC my business would not be where it is " RIGHT NOW " growing everyday. Thanks again Mark and thanks to your group." John S. White April 4, 2009

    There is no signed contract… so if we don’t produce, you can drop out anytime.

    Each Month, you can look forward to four items from the library of such topics as listed below. Because we are a club, we will continue offering new topics each month.

  • Secrets of commercial Real Estate Investing (5 DVDs available on line for your viewing
  • Office Building Real Estate (1 DVD uploaded online)
  • Success in Generating Leads(six DVDs uploaded online)
  • Due Diligence and the Purchase Agreement (2 audio CDs uploaded)
  • Find, Fix and Sell Real Estate Investors Guide eBook
  • Lease with an Option to Buy –rent to own real estate guide eBook.
  • Credit Repair Manual eBook with sample letters and forms
  • Billboards, Bill Site Selection, Billboard Entitlement, negotiating PA-Billboard (4-5 Disk uploaded online)
  • Commercial Transaction issues (1 DVD uploaded online)
  • Commercial Evaluation-Commercial Evaluation 1&2, Commercial Environmental issues, (3 DVDs uploaded online)
  • Investing in Cell Towers (1 DVD uploaded online)
  • Rental (lease) agreement
  • Buyer favorable lease option agreement and how to use it (audio and all forms)
  • Buyer favorable purchase agreement audio and all the forms
  • Memorandum of lease option
  • Memorandum of buy sell agreement
  • Advertisement agreement that allows for claim of interest to file against it
  • How not to have 1099 filed on real estate owned individually
  • Online video of all national and local speakers who have given presentations at previous workshops
  • "Very knowledgeable about real estate investing. Helpful and energetic when it comes to internet marketing. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr Maupin and speak from one who's benefitted from his counsel." Jan Bond, Broker/Owner, Bnd Realty, LLC April 29, 2009

    Additional Benefits of Membership include discounts from local and national companies, including insurance companies, printing, publishing & office supp lies, travel discounts and property maintenance & supply discounts:


    We are excited to offer a biannual rebate of 2% of your net sales for your purchases at The Home Depot and Home Depot Tool rental through an unparalleled Material purchase Rebate Incentive Program. This program is available to all members and offers unbeatable Volume Pricing. This is an amazing benefit offers real estate investors and contractors the lowest price possible on high volume.


    Receive 20% off standard listings at, an online business tool designed to rent your property faster & maximize your investment.

    Receive 20% off standard listings

    OfficeMax is the NREIA preferred vendor for office supplies, furniture, technology, paper and paint services. There mission is to meet your supply needs for the long term while offering savings up to 80% off list. Investing in the right technology creates a lasting impact on the success of your business.

    These discounts and more are yours after 2 months membership

    One of the greatest benefits of all is access to videos of our workshops and seminars, featuring local and national speakers and experts in their field.

    Click links below for details on previous workshop events going back to August of 2008. All our events are video taped and your membership includes access to these videos:

    September 17, 2009: Why now is the best time in over 79 years to invest in Real Estate A panel of local experts, gurus and people making money in our current market will share their secrets to success and cover topics including buying, rehabbing, staging and reselling a home to a retail buyer and more.

    September 10, 2009: Make Money with the Internet NOW – How to Get Started The Internet Marketing Roundtable will present a panel of 5 local experts to discuss how to make money online, and how to use the internet to attract people to your business.

    September 3, 2009: From Student to Entrepreneurship – Through the Eyes of Future Billionaires This course will discuss personal finances, values and how to view life through a wealth lens.

    August 20, 2009: How to Make a Boatload of Money During a Recession with Detroit Real Estate The Mega Evening Event welcomes Herb Strather, national guru, noted author, veteran real estate investor to discuss making money in our current recession.

    August 13, 2009: Internet Marketing, Online Advertising Techniques, Writing and Marketing eBooks The keynote speaker, Tony Darby, controls 140 eBooks and products that he markets on the internet.

    August 6, 2009: Business Roundtable: Investing in Gold, Silver and Precious Metals come and hear Brother Bedford and learn creative techniques for advertising opportunities on the Shopping Channel and investing in precious metals.

    July 16, 2009: Why Metro Detroit is the Hottest Market for Real Estate Investing A panel of experts will discuss buying investment properties in Metro Detroit and marketing to sell property to out of state investors…

    July 9, 2009: Cost Effective Marketing with Free Resources to Generate Money The focus is marketing yourself, your business and your services on the internet; we discuss new techniques each month…Join the Internet Marketing Roundtable and find yourself on page one of a Google Search!

    June 18, 2009: Secrets to Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investments Alan Holt will speak about investing in commercial real estate and making a profit in today’s market…

    June 11, 2009: Internet Marketing Roundtable Discusses Affiliate Niche Marketing Class Darnell Tolbert will teach a course on affiliate niche marketing, how to choose a niche market, select a product, set up blogs and more…

    May 21, 2009: Q & A Session with a Panel of Real Estate Investing Experts Finding customers, building a client base, commercial real estate, how to get above market rents during a recession, using the internet to promote your real estate business…

    May 14, 2009: How to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to make money David Pifer will tell how to network your way to success using social networking websites; learn everything from basic set-up and optimizing to advanced data-mining concepts…

    May 7, 2009: Networking Opportunity for Business Owners Tarik Dinha will speak about network marketing and making money investing in real estate in today’s market…special bonus opportunity: Free vendor tables for business owners…

    April 23, 2009: Starting your own at-home Business and Creating a Virtual Office Come and learn from a panel of business owners who will share tips on setting up and running your home-based business…

    April 16, 2009: Panel of Experts Discuss the Nation’s New Stimulus Package David Smith will explain how the Obama Stimulus Package will affect homeowners and real estate investors; Eunice Gantt will answer questions about how to get tenants with less than perfect credit qualified for a mortgage; a real estate attorney will answer your legal questions and a CPA will provide income tax tips for property managers and business owners…

    April 9, 2009: 10 Things you need to Know to Build a Website Steve Eaton, owner of Romeo Computer Company, is a expert at website design and computer repair. He will share tips on building and developing a website and making an existing website more effective…

    April 2, 2009: How to get More Customers who will Pay You More Money, More Often Jim Ackerman, renowned speaker and author, has build turn-key, ready to use marketing systems and provided training for companies, large and small…

    March 26, 2009: Utilizing eBay, Finding and Marketing Your Product Joe Allen runs a successful, full-time eBay Store; he will share tips on finding and marketing your product, pricing your product to sell, and utilizing eBay to earn BIG profits…

    March 19, 2009: Selling houses on Land Contracts and Mastering Foreclosures A double header evening with Tarik Dihna talking about how he buys 30 homes per month and sells them on land contract; then, Rodney Townsend speaking about investing in foreclosed homes…

    March 12, 2009: Customize your Wordpress Blog so it Becomes a Website! WebBizDiva, Jayne Burch, and creator of the Marketing Monsoon System, will show you how to et a flood of new business using the internet…

    March 5, 2009: How to Run a Successful Home Crafts Business Gloria Bridges will share her success story of how she discovered her talent and built a profitable, home-based business…

    February 26, 2009: Business Empowerment – Business Planning Strategies for the Small Business Owner Ed King is the leading business educator in the Metro Detroit area; he holds multiple degrees and teaches classes at a local college. Ed will show you how to determine if you are “cut out” to be an entrepreneur and how to double your profits in just 42 days…

    February 19, 2009: How to become an REO Agent and How to use Self-Directed IRAs to fund your deals Julian Glass and Leonard Pickett will discuss the most profitable areas in the Real Estate Market today; Bill Gaetz and Nathan Oakes will talk about using self-directed IRAs in real estate investing…

    February 12, 2009: Create your own Custom Website using Google Blogger Mark Maupin will show participants a quick, easy, free way to develop a website and increase your internet visibility to get more customers…

    February 5, 2009: Making Money in Real Estate, Bank Foreclosures, REO Properties and HUD homes Letitia Patterson will cover topics including how to get the best properties first, how changes in the market affect the offer process, why the competition is beating you out of the best deals and more…

    January 22, 2009: Master the art of Internet Marketing Internet marketing is the advertising tool of today; Mark Maupin will show you how to take your business to the nest level, using the most powerful tool in the world…

    January 15, 2009: Panel of Experts Bring in the New Year with Real Estate Investing Tips and Strategies Robert Shumake, author and real estate developer, currently managing over 3 million square feet of office and commercial space, will talk about how to make money, even during the toughest of times…

    January 8, 2009: How to Market on eBay and Marketing eBooks on the Internet A panel of 3 experts will come together to share secrets and tips on selling more products and expanding your business; Learn the 4 Secrets to Getting a Flood of New Business on the Web; Learn How to Buy and Sell on eBay; Learn how to Market with eBooks…

    December 8, 2008: How to set up a one-page Website to Capture Leads for Your Business Zornitza Parlova Mackinnon will show participants how to set up a website, research your competition, imitate and model successful websites, capture emails for a customer/client base and more…

    December 4, 2008: Local Foreclosure Broker Shares the Inside Secrets on How to Make Offers and How to Deal with Banks that hold Foreclosed Properties Without an insider’s view, new and experienced investors find themselves locked out of closing on the best deals…

    November 20, 2008: How to Get above Market Rents using Lease Options Panel of Landlord Experts to share information and answer questions about rental agreements, structuring an option, completing the lease option forms, credit screening, getting above market rents, selling properties with little or no equity, and more…

    November 13, 2008: Internet Tips; Writing, Publishing and Making _10-K a month on Craigslist Panel of Experts invade college campus of a night of eye-opening internet tips. Come and learn about membership sites, writing and publishing books, writing and selling your own ebook, classified ads, and more…

    November 6, 2008: C. Paschal Eze leading a workshop designed to provide hands-on tips on trade, tourism and investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan African Countries Special emphasis on maximizing opportunities provided by the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which allows for duty free imports from Sub-Saharan Africa…

    October 16, 2008: Investing in Bank Foreclosures, REOs and HUD Homes Letitia Patterson is an active investor who sells foreclosures and HUD properties for a living; she has been investing 1998 and can give you valuable insight from both sides of the deal…

    September 18, 2008: How to Manage Transitional Housing and ¾ Houses Mark Davis founded one of the first ¾ houses in Oakland County and has over 14 years experience owning and running several profitable locations…

    September 11, 2008: Using the Internet to Market your Business; using My Space to Promote your business and services Even if you do not have a website, you can use the internet so that search engines find you first…James Adams will share all the secret tips to using My Space for business marketing…

    September 4, 2008: How to set up your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) Real Estate Attorney, Richard White, will show participants how to set up an LLC properly; how to avoid costly mistakes; how to name the company; how to fill out the paperwork; all about the Operating Agreement and more…

    August 21, 2008: Find Success and Model your Program after it One secret to success is to network with others who are successful; observe them and do what they do. Three top producing real estate investors in the Metro Detroit area will speak and share their techniques and success secrets…

    August 14, 2008: How to Dominate the Search Engines with 7 Proven Strategies to Creating Strong Web Presense Cory Perlman has brought his eBoot Camp to town; come and learn his proven techniques that bring a flood of traffic to your website, business or service…

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