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April 2018

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(National Real Estate Network LLC): Real Estate - Other in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

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Ralph Marcus Maupin, Jr. (Mark)

Location: Livonia, Michigan, United States

Mark Maupin first became involved with real estate in 1981 when his wife gave him a choice of ballroom dance or real estate classes. He chose real estate, and began buying properties as rental investments on a part time basis. By 1984, he had turned to real estate as his full time occupation. In addition to getting his real estate license and working in sales, he also continued to acquire rental properties and purchased distressed property to renovate and sell.

In the time that Mark has been working with real estate, he has purchased in excess of 3,500 single family homes and many multi family properties. He is a member of MLS at a national level.

Mark has a strong foundation of knowledge in real estate, covering every aspect from marketing and finance to construction and remodeling. Through his keen grasp of the potential in real estate, he has been able to develop innovative marketing and business concepts for his organization. Even considering all of his knowledge and experience, he continues to further his education and learning whenever possible, believing that the greater your base of knowledge, the more opportunities you will be able to identify.

Mark has developed an organization with a true team concept and mindset. He is a graduate of an intensive one year program designed to put teams of people and resources together to achieve strategic objectives. Some of the teams, systems, and programs he has established can be viewed on this website. He prefers to work as a partner with those in his company instead of as an employer. For example, he developed a cash call team of 40 people designed to acquire property at below market prices and resell them to investors. Upon request, he would be happy to share about the teams he has put together and what they are producing. He even extends this team concept to his customers, actively working with investors to develop their investment businesses. Generally, the first issue he approaches with anyone is what they are trying to achieve, then he proceeds from the basis of how his goals and plans can work symbiotically with theirs.

Contact: 248-939-6232