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April 2018

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(National Real Estate Network LLC): Real Estate - Other in Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

Darnell Tolbert has done extensive research in affiliate niche marketing and outsourcing and he has cataloged an impressive collection of free or inexpensive resources online and unique, interesting and useful websites.


Darnell teaches the course he personally developed, called Affiliate Marketing Laboratory, which covers the following topics:


  • Select a niche market
  • Select a product
  • Set-up blogs, websites and Squidoo lens
  • Writing articles, press releases and classified ads
  • Online communication and outsourcing
  • Massive action to increase traffic to your business


Attend Darnell Tolbert’s affiliate niche marketing presentation at the Internet Roundtable meeting to learn how to find high paying affiliate products to test and market.

Event Date: Thursday, 11th June 2009
Event Start Time: 6:00 PM
Event End Time: 9:00 PM
Location: WCC Downtown Campus
Primary Phone: 313-365-3787
Member Fees:  
Nonmember Fees:  

Disclaimer: Real estate investing by nature is risky. You can win, lose, or break even. We cannot guarantee a profit or loss. We do promise you support and coaching. What you buy is what you buy. The sign up fee is not refundable, and will not be returned. We do not provide legal, accounting, or contracting advice.