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Success In Generating Leads & Controlling Real Estate


How to generate real estate leads and create effective purchase agreements

A comprehensive program designed to help you generate solid business leads and tailor purchase agreements to your specific needs.If you missed Mark Maupin’s workshop “Lead Generation and Controlling Real Estate Boot Camp” you missed a great learning experience. . . but now you can recapture that experience through Mark’s new DVD video program “Success in Generating Leads & Controlling Real Estate"    Success In Generating Leads & Controlling Real Estate is priced at $197

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Find, Fix and Sell with Mark Maupin!

Find, Fix and Sell

Learn How To Make 100% On Your Real Estate Every 180 Days   Mark Maupin, also known as “Mr. Commercial Lease Option” has purchased and sold over 3,500 single-family homes, as well as many multi-family properties. Drawing on his experience Mark conducts in-depth real estate investing seminars and has created his own real estate mentoring program.  Find, Fix and Sell is priced at $197
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Foreclosure Bootcamp

Foreclosure BootcampIf you missed, Mark’s Foreclosure Bootcamp last February, you missed a great learning experience about how to tap the foreclosure market for real estate investment.  If you’re involved in a foreclosure situation, you also missed an opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s  of the forclosure experience  .... and perhaps a way to remedy your own situation. 

Foreclosure Bootcamp can be yours for the price of $197

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Creating an Exit Strategy: The Lease with Option to Buy

Creating an Exit Strategy: The Lease with Option to Buy

It doesn't matter whether an investment is "buy and hold" or find and sell. You must arrange for exit strategies from your rental properties to control your cash flow and liquidity.  In this CD you'll learn how Mark Maupin ("Mr. Lease Option") has bought and sold more than 3500 homes over the past decade.  More information.

This is available for $97.00

Hurry to get your copy of CREATING AN EXIT STRATEGY: THE LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY at this great price!
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Secrets of Commercial Real Estate DVD Set

Secrets of Commercial Real Estate DVD Set

The Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing. The set contains video highlights of Mr. Winter’s seminar, which has been well received by both new investors and those who have been in the game a while.

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The Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing

The Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing

This two-part audio CD provides more detailed information on subjects introduced in THE SECRETS OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE.

In part one, DUE DILIGENCE, you will learn about the some of the most important elements that need to be reviewed, inspected, or attended to, prior to making an investment in a commercial property.

In part two, The Purchase Agreement, Pat discusses the attorney-format purchase agreement that, when properly used, will help you protect you in various situations.

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Return, Exchange and Cancellation Policy Exchanges

While our goal is for you to be completely happy with every purchase, should you desire an exchange, please use the convenient shipping label included in your package. Please be sure to include your packing slip.

Our number one goal is to make sure that you are thrilled with your purchase from us. We always want you to be satisfied. Send any item back for refund or exchange within 30 days, and we'll do what it takes to make it right.

We want to make this as convenient for you as possible. Original processing/shipping fees are non-refundable. Returns should be accompanied by a packing list. Without a packing list, a merchandise credit will be issued for the current price of the item(s) returned. We care about your feedback, so please take a moment and let us know the reason for your return in the appropriate spot on the packing slip.

Once an item has shipped, cancellation will not be permitted. Shipment refusal for reasons other than damage, defect, or mis-shipment may result in a 25% refusal penalty fee.

By purchasing from our website, you are agreeing to the terms of our return,exchange and cancellation policies.

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In Pat Winter's new two-part audio online, "Mr. Commercial Real Estate" reveals more detailed information on subjects he introduced in THE SECRETS OF COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE

In Part One, DUE DILIGENCE, Pat provides detailed information about the important things that must be reviewed, inspected and addressed prior to making an investment in any commercial property. This item sells for $47.00

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Vital Forms for use with Due Diligence

I"Ralph (Mark as most people know him) is one of the most experienced real estate experts I have ever met. I first met him through the National Real Estate Network which he founded in SE Michigan. He teaches classes about real estate investing, foreclosures, short sales, lease options, creative financing and more. More recently he is focusing on internet marketing and web optimization. If you are looking for someone to network with or learn from in any of these categories, I recommend that you put Ralph (Mark) at the top of your list."David Smith, Sr Mortgage Planner, success Mortgage Partners April 29, 2009"

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Pat Winter’s, “Locating and Evaluating Commercial Real Estate” online video

Locating and Evaluating Commercial Real Estate

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Rental Form for Single Family Homes

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Forms you will need with Lease Option

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